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Climate Normals
Climate Normals
Monsoon Onset and Withdrawal
Monsoon dates मनसुन मितिहरु
Extreme Rainfall Monitoring
Extreme rainfall March Extreme Rainfall February Extreme Rainfall December Extreme Rainfall January Extreme Rainfall April Extreme rainfall May Extreme rainfall June Extreme Rainfall July Extreme Rainfall August Extreme rainfall October Extreme Rainfall November
Extreme Temperature Monitoring
Extreme Tempertaure February Extreme Temperature March Extreme Temperature November Extreme Temperature January Extreme Temperature April Extreme temperature of May Extreme Temperature July Extreme Temperature August Extreme Temperature September Extreme Temperature October Extreme Temperature December Extreme Temperature June
Annual Extremes
Annual Extreme Rainfall Annual Extreme Temperature
Kathmandu Valley Rainfall Monitoring
Kathmandu Valley Rainfall Monitoring 2017
Monsoon Monitoring
Monsoon Monitoring 2017 मनसुन अनुगमन २०१७ Post-monsoon Monitoring 2017 पोस्ट-मनसुन अनुगमन २०१७ शिशिर वर्षा अनुगमन २०१७-१८ Winter Rain Monitoring 2017-18
Daily Temperature/Rainfall Monitoring
Daily Monitoring 2018 दैनिक मौसमी अनुगमन २०१८ Monthly Accumulation chart_2017 मासिक वर्षा चार्ट २०७४ Seasonal Accumulation 2017 ऋतुगत संचय २०१७
Climatic Articles, Reports and Papers
THE DEADLY HIMALAYAN SNOWSTORM OF OCTOBER 2014: SYNOPTIC CONDITIONS AND ASSOCIATED TRENDS Karnali Report_2016 Chitwan Report-2016 Study of Climate and climatic variation over Nepal Consensus Statement on the Forecast Outlook for the Winter Season (December 2017 – February 2018) Rising Precipitation Extremes across Nepal Consensus forecast for the 2017 Southwest Monsoon Season (June –September) Rainfall over South Asia Nepal Climate Trend Analysis_2017_NAP Consensus Statement on the Forecast for the 2017 October to December (OND) Season Rainfall and Temperatures over South Asia